Let’s rebuild our infrastructure together

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RUGSAOF Foundation has decided to postpone 2015 award ceremony for until further notice due to the changing needs and priorities that April, 2015 earthquake introduced.

 The earthquakes and subsequent tremors have destroyed countless schools and hospitals all over Nepal, which we see as a big impediment towards rehabilitation, rebuilding and also the well being of the citizenry. Therefore, the Foundation’s board has unanimously agreed to donate its funds for 2015’s awards to construct at least one temporary health post and one school in an earthquake affected area. Our projected estimates for the project amounts to approximately 10 Lacks NRS, of which 5 Lacks will be contributed by our Foundation. We hope to raise the remaining amount with support of local and international donors. In the fortunate circumstance that the Foundation raises beyond its project goals, it will direct the surplus to additional projects with a similar end.

Our board members consists of retired professionals, who have more than 2 decades of experiences building houses, roads, bridges etc. as contractors. Therefore, we are fully confident that we will be able to spend each penny with utmost care and impact.

We invite other NGOs, INGO’s, donors, to support us either by working with us as a strategic partner , or by working as a volunteer. Let’s rebuild our infrastructure together.

RUGSOF Foundation
Bhadrapur-11, Jhapa, Nepal


2 thoughts on “Let’s rebuild our infrastructure together

  1. gopal oli says:

    Our nation and people are facing unexpected challenges and hardship.Although ,ndividually we might be able to contribute to a largaer good,at this critical time we need to march ahead with unity.So I request Nepalies in the country and abroad,foreign friends and institutions to help in this time of great need.Reach in and find your humanity,your role and a way to contribute.
    I am glad and thankful that RUGSAOF [Rudra-Gauri sree-Ambika Oli Foundation Bhadrapur Jhapa Nepal ] has decided to donate 500,000 NRS towards the construction of temporary learning centers and health posts where need .I invite all welfare institutions and indivuduals to support the Foundation”s cause.Likewise I been inspired to do the same and I am personally DONATING100,000 NRS to the cause.I wish the Foundation all the successes in rebuilding and positively impacting the live of those affected.

  2. arun sapkota * says:

    i wish to be a volunteer, how can i ?

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