RUGSAOF- Background

The Rudra-Gauri, Sree-Ambika Oli Foundation (RUGSAOF) was established on 31 March, 2011 by the late Mr. Sri Prasad Oli and his family to recognize and foster exemplary benevolent deeds within our society. This non-profit, apolitical, and non-governmental societal organization is registered in District Office, Jhapa, Nepal.

Our society faces challenges that arise from past and present turmoil in the financial and political arenas. More challenges arise from the continuing environmental degradation and its adverse impact on food production and basic living conditions. These challenges strain the very fabric of Nepali society and deleterious impact all the diverse peoples and cultures within Nepal. These challenges affect every citizen no matter his or her ethnic affiliation.

Conceived under the premise that every individual and institution must act decisively to meet these challenges, this foundation has taken small initial but significant steps to nurture altruism, promote joint action, and foster the bonds that unite all members of Nepali society. This foundation was formulated in the firm belief that individuals can make a difference in the lives of others – that every individual has a responsibility to help ensure that every member of Nepali society can live healthy productive lives.


To promote a healthy prosperous society by identifying and recognizing altruistic individuals and organizations dedicated to assisting and serving others within our society.


  • To honor and reward exemplary benevolent work done by individuals and institutions.
  • To work hand in hand with other local, national, and international philanthropic organizations committed to the ideals embodied in our vision, mission, and objectives.


  • To foster and preserve the traditional knowledge, skills, and techniques of our society
  • To improve the living standards and quality of life of Nepali society through innovative use and modern adaptations of traditional knowledge, skills, and techniques
  • To inspire innovative and original approaches to modern practices, processes, and technology with the aim of improving sustainable resource usage and consumption.
  • To recognize and reward philanthropic contributions of individuals and institutions in order to promote altruism and dedication to societal service throughout Nepal.

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